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Routine Maintenance on a Private Water Well

Your water well is a valuable asset to your property value and just like your home, certain maintenance procedures need to be done to ensure a long lasting return on your investment.

An annual check-up can insure the integrity of your water system and can sometimes locate minor mechanical problems that may be easily repaired before they become more costly system breakdowns. The check-up should include a water sample to assure that the system remains free of bacterial contamination. As components of your water well system age, they become more apt to cause problems with pressure, water quality and system reliability. A licensed groundwater professional will know best how often a system should be served and to what extent that service should be. Here is what should be inspected on a regular basis:
1.      Does current water well system meet latest codes?
2.      Is the well head secure?
  1. Proper well cap
  2. Electrical conduit secure?
  3. Well casing a minimum of 8” above grade?
  4. Does the casing show any signs of damage or corrosion?
  5. Does the area around the well head slope away from the well?
  6. Is it free of leaves, grass or other debris?
3. Is the water pressure tank in proper working order?
  1. Air to water ratio correct?
  2. Any fittings leaking?
  3. Pressure gauge operating properly?
  4. Tank recycling properly?
4.      Is the water well pump working properly?
  1. Does pump meet current water well code?
  2. Does pump draw correct amperage?
  3. Dues pump motor ohm properly?
  4. Does pump deliver adequate gallons per minute?
Well Records
Historical records such as the original water well completion report, subsequent modifications or repairs are important documents that can aid the groundwater professional should a problem occur. It is recommended that a special file or folder be started to keep track of this information. It should also be passed on to future property owners.